Energy Technical Systems, Inc.

Energy Technical Systems (ETS) was created as a loading and assembly plant in 2001. We are a small business that does sub-contract work for the Department of Defense and Prime Contractors. We have over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and production of military components and munitions. Our 330 acre D.O.D. approved facility located in Perry, FL gives us the capabilities to test short and long range items as well as to mix all of our explosive compositions on site. Our loading building are designed to D.O.D. specifications as a 1.1 Hazard Classification. Our facility has earth covered magazines for storage of explosives as well as six temperature controlled loading bays with blowout walls and ceilings. Our production equipment is built in house to serve the needs of specific jobs. We have an in-house mix facility, in-house research and development and we also have an in house machine shop which allows us to save money and time when modifications are needed. We use automated check weighing equipment to ensure proper loads. ETS has plenty of storage and building capacity as well as available workforce for any future business and expansion opportunities.